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Elevate your projects with precision.

Our toolkit of methods can be customised and flexibly assembled according to your needs and budget. We use design thinking and UX methods. These include problem statements, personas, user journeys and interviews.


  • Product vision known
  • Problem areas identified

Our focus is on the detailed development of the user experience and the creation of a holistic user experience. This process involves the careful development of a design vision and brand staging. This vision in turn forms the basis of the design system, which ensures consistent and efficient implementation across the various application areas.


  • Visual appearance
  • Design vision prototypes
  • User journey / story mapping
  • User flows
  • Roadmap

Our approach involves the development of a modular design system combined with the parallel development of an appropriate and modern software architecture. We use agile methods (Scrum, Agile and Lean) and implement solutions in successive iterations.

Throughout the process, we pay particular attention to user-centricity. We achieve this by continuously reviewing the user stories. This iterative approach allows us to continually optimise the solutions, ensuring that they not only meet the needs of the users, but are also efficient and easy to use.


  • First demos just two months into development
  • Collaborative co-operation with the client
  • Regular demos of the development status
  • Continuous usability testing as a basis for further development

We provide end-to-end support for our projects, from inception to operation, and offer 24/7 hosting, whether in the Google Cloud, at other providers, or directly on your premises. Our customers benefit from additional SLAs to ensure reliable performance and availability.

In addition to our hosting service, centralised technical support is available to help the project team with their responsibilities. The project team takes on DevOps tasks as well as iterative development.