AEK Bank

New website based on Magnolia 6

AEK BANK 1826 has a long tradition as a cooperative bank. It wanted to present itself to its customers as it is: forward-looking, flexible and always customer-focused. We were excited to create the new website for AEK.

Challenges / Background

The previous website had become outdated for a number of reasons. On the one hand, it suffered from a certain lack of clarity. On the other hand, the amount of text was relatively high, which made the user experience and the quick absorption of information more difficult.

We supported this project as technical implementation partner and implemented the developed UX/UI design accordingly. We also specifically designed the website to optimise SEO and increase findability.

In summary, AEK Bank wanted a new, contemporary website that represented the bank’s values both visually and technically, i.e. a modern, responsive website.

CMS implementation with a focus on content management

Our project team decided on a classic CMS implementation with a focus on content management for text, images and video. The aim was to create a state-of-the-art web presence for the entire site, contrasting sharply with the previous version. The focus was on a modern, youthful and user-friendly design.

The site was completely rebuilt and is now highly functional, clean and aesthetically pleasing. We paid particular attention to creating a clear and intuitive design and optimising it for mobile devices and tablets.

“The cooperation with Panter is alive. It is also valuable for us to challenge each other. This was particularly important to me personally when looking for a new partner. We look forward to working together for many years to develop our website.”

Simon SutterLeiter Marketing & PR, AEK Bank

Most of the content, including text and images, was created in-house at AEK Bank, which contributed to a consistent and professional look and feel. We also provided extensive training and coaching to the marketing staff during the content creation phase. The intuitive interface of the Magnolia backend helped here. This was an important requirement as content needed to be published quickly and efficiently.

We also implemented interactive applications, which we programmed ourselves and connected to a data provider via API. With the mortgage calculator and the 3a tax savings calculator, visitors can get advice efficiently and playfully, which further simplifies customer acquisition.

Results, outcomes and business impact

  • The new website has resulted in visitors spending more time on the site. It is expected that users will engage more with AEK Bank’s offer. The revision and sharpening of the content has also contributed to this.
  • The implementation of interactive applications has also led to increased interaction on the site. The successful integration of these applications could serve as a template for expansion to other specialised areas.
  • The first results of the data analysis clearly show that interaction with the account opening form has increased significantly. Ultimately, the main objective of any bank is to increase net new assets in order to drive business growth and profitability.