Excellent indoor air quality with Airica.

Airica is a Swiss technology start-up that provides solutions for improving indoor air quality and building utilisation. The innovative service combines real-time air quality measurements with artificial intelligence to optimise air quality and occupancy in buildings.

Windproof cooperation

With a full-stack software team, Panter developed the UX design and API-first architecture for Airica, as well as the first version of the web front-end and API for the SaaS service. At the same time, an internal team was set up to further develop the solution on this basis.

The Airica application

The Airica application enables the efficient commissioning of LoRaWAN-based sensors for monitoring air quality. The development of the system presented the team with a number of challenges: in addition to a web application for managing master data and sensors, services for processing and analysing sensor data and for controlling LoRaWAN devices had to be built. Various third-party systems also needed to be connected: The application communicates with LoRaWAN network operators, time series databases and data analysis systems.

Great results in no time

There were two benefits for Airica: Firstly, they were able to focus on their core functionality in the early stages and build a solid foundation for the SaaS service. Secondly, they were faster to market than if they had built their own team. Customer onboarding also allowed them to scale the prototype into a market-ready product: Customers can manage their own sensors and view the data at any time on a clear dashboard.

Thanks to the professional and focussed support of the entire Panter team, we were able to bring our innovation to market quickly. Panter's in-depth experience across the entire spectrum of software development has contributed to a significant increase in efficiency.

Lukas LimacherCo-Founder & CEO