bike to work

Sustainable mobility behaviour and improved health thanks to bike to work.

bike to work is a national campaign organised by Pro Velo Switzerland to promote health in the workplace and has been held annually since 2005. More than 75,000 commuters now cycle to work. This not only improves the health of employees in around 2,400 companies, but also promotes team spirit and sustainable mobility behaviour.

A perfect tandem

Panter supports bike to work with a scrum team and as a campaign sponsor. Panter’s Scrum team is responsible for the design, conception and development of the web and mobile app, as well as the operation of the entire campaign in the cloud.

Step on the gas together

The relaunch was designed to meet the needs of an ever-growing user base. The result was a 1,000% increase in hits immediately after the relaunch. The completely revamped web portal not only brought many new participants to this already successful campaign, but also gave it a fresh and modern look. This included a completely new design and a tracking system that allows users to calculate their commute and track the distances they have travelled. The appealing design and easy-to-use features make the app an easy app to use. New features such as live leaderboards and gamification also contribute to this.

Accessible everywhere

The web and mobile application is based on modern JavaScript frameworks: React in the front-end and Meteor in the back-end. React technology ensures that the application is fast and reliable on web and mobile devices. This multi-screen approach meets the needs of users who manage their data on their smartphone on the way to work, on their PC at work and on a tablet at home. And even with a complex interface, the application remains maintainable, scalable and future-proof.

The Panter team brought a breath of fresh air to bike to work and created an innovative and streamlined solution for the project. Thanks to the agile collaboration, we were always able to overcome hurdles elegantly and achieve even better performance. We are delighted to be a partner of Panter.

Mai PoffetProject leader