Invest in a sustainable and responsible future with Inyova.

Inyova is the leading platform for impact investing. It aims to create financial practices that benefit not only the financial industry, but also people and the environment. Inyova makes it easy for even financial novices to invest in a sustainable and responsible future, promoting new energies and equality instead of climate change and the arms industry.

Impact Investing

The fast-growing start-up Inyova needed advice on project methodology and software architecture as well as software development support for a future-proof and scalable impact investing platform at an early stage of the company’s foundation. Fortunately, the number of users is growing steadily.

Investments that are credible and transparent

The current impact investing landscape lacks an offering that is equally attractive to financial novices and experienced investors. Credible and transparent investment opportunities are rare. Many sustainable financial products still invest in oil and tobacco companies.

The small print on the use of financial products and the high initial investments also deter many potential investors, thus preventing many investment opportunities. In addition, access to such products is often complicated for financial novices and the composition of the equity portfolio is not transparent.

Switzerland’s first fully digital platform for impact investing

Panter advised Inyova on the development of their impact investing platform. Expertise included user experience design, technical architecture and development methodology. A software development team supports the ongoing development of the platform. At the same time, it was necessary to implement the numerous regulatory requirements that arise when operating such a platform, which include not only legal but also technological aspects. This included, for example, connecting the platform to various third-party systems.

Switzerland’s first fully digital platform for impact investing creates personalised investment strategies that take into account the investor’s values and risk profile. The platform is easy to use. A personal account can be opened quickly and without the hassle of filling out countless forms. With just a few clicks, an individual investment strategy can be created from a variety of themes and is fully customisable. This means that securities or companies can be changed at will if they do not match your own values. Daily risk reporting also gives investors full transparency over their equity portfolio and the fees and costs incurred.

Broad audience, big impact

The rapidly growing number of users proves Inyova right: a broad audience is interested in impact investing. Young parents concerned about their children’s future and aware millennials use Switzerland’s leading impact investing platform, as do baby boomers and retirees. They all increasingly want to set an example and entrust their money to Inyova’s impact investing platform.

The entry threshold for interested investors is also low: an investment of as little as CHF 2,000 is possible.

As a young company, we have benefited from Panter's extensive experience in the development of digital services. This expertise has enabled us to build our own team of developers and a sustainably scalable product.

Sergi ArmengolTech Lead Inyova AG