Kafka Connect

Processed and analysed data thanks to Kafka Connect.

The various subsidiaries of the Mobiliar Group use a wide variety of systems and technologies. Every day, a large and heterogeneous volume of data is generated from interactions with customers. In order to process and analyse this data, Panter’s software developers have contributed to a technical solution that greatly simplifies this process. Among other things, it can be used to issue insurance policies in real time.

Technology independence

The Kafka-based solution with Kafka Connect ensures technology independence by allowing data to be produced and consumed in a standardised way, regardless of the technology or third-party system used. To achieve this, all data is made available in a dedicated cluster.

The result is a homogeneous data environment. Different teams are free to choose their own technologies and third-party systems, rather than being constrained by each other’s specifications. Finally, the efficiency of processing and analysing large volumes of data is increased and processes are greatly simplified.

Thanks to the excellent collaboration with Panter, we were able to bring in a high-calibre senior software developer and, together with an agile team, we were able to simplify and automate the complex data provisioning processes in a very short time.

Sybille GrauProject leader, Die Mobiliar