Pando App

Pando the sustainable digital retirement solution

Pando is the brainchild of an innovative and dedicated Swiss Life team with an ambitious goal: to offer customers the best digital pension solution with a focus on sustainability. Swiss Life, the largest life insurance group in Switzerland, has 160 years of experience in the pension business. As a result, Pando guarantees first-class investment products that are carefully constructed and continuously optimised by experienced asset managers.

Sustainable investing

Pando wants to change the way pension funds are invested. Through sustainable investments, it aims to create a world worth living in that uses its resources as sparingly as possible. Panter was engaged as a design and development partner and, together with Swiss Life’s experts, formed a conceptual and project management team.

Important cooperation

Working closely with Pando’s innovation team, the team quickly developed a state-of-the-art mobile application that was both user friendly and technologically advanced. Rather than simply copying the competition, the project team started by developing a prototype. Hypotheses were validated and implemented in short iterations. More than 800 user stories were created in around 30 sprints and iteratively developed after the launch. The team consisted of a scrum master, a UX designer and up to five software developers.

Simplified processes

One of the biggest challenges was to simplify the registration process. By law, a lot of information has to be collected when opening a 3a account. There are no shortcuts in this process. However, in several iterations, our Scrum team managed to optimise the implementation. These improvements were based on qualitative feedback and quantitative analysis.

The Pando app is easy to use and attractively designed. Onboarding has been simplified as much as possible, so that a retirement account can be opened in just a few minutes. The app gives investors an overview of the performance and composition of their portfolio at all times. Any changes to the investment strategy can be made free of charge with just a few clicks.

What are the plans for the future?

Pando aims to further differentiate itself from its competitors by integrating more gamification elements, particularly in the area of impact funds. In addition to portfolio returns, Pando plans to improve and clarify the presentation of sustainability metrics. This will enable investors to check the effectiveness of their investment products at any time.

Working with Panter has always been solution focused and friendly. The great challenges that the Pando team has faced together with Panter have brought us together both professionally and personally, and there has been no shortage of fun.

Daniel SchmitterHead Technology & Operations Pando