Simplified communication between 12,500 residents thanks to WINK.

The Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich (ABZ), which builds housing estates for community-oriented living, wanted a digital networking platform to simplify communication between its 12,500 residents in 58 estates with over 5,000 apartments.

The digital communication tool

With the WINK mobile app, ABZ is responding to its members’ need to be better connected and catapulting the vision of a cooperative into the digital age. WINK is a tool that promotes dialogue and brings together information about the housing estate, news from the cooperative and contributions from residents in one place. WINK makes the activities and commitments in the housing estates visible and accessible. The various opportunities for encounters enrich everyday life in the neighbourhood. Various UX design proposals were developed in close collaboration with ABZ. These were repeatedly tested and refined with the target group.

In order to reach all target groups effectively, the mobile app for Android and iOS was developed using the cross-platform framework Ionic. Ionic wraps a standard web application in a container and provides interfaces to the native device functionality. This allows for rapid development in the browser and easy integration with native functionality. Ruby on Rails was used as the backend technology, allowing rapid development of the backend for administrators.

In Panter, we found a competent partner for the implementation of the concept, who immediately understood our concerns and set high standards for the extremely user-friendly operation of WINK.

Samira CourtiCommunications Lead, Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich