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During his electrical engineering studies, he discovered his passion for science and can identify well with the task of modeling and solving problems. His hobbies are being creative and realizing ideas. This is most evident in music, mainly with the piano or guitar. He likes to look at things from different philosophical points of view. In short: a creative problem solver.

What do you want to achieve through your work?

To be curious, to stay curious and to live these values with other employees. This always involves taking a critical look at my code in order to find errors, learn from them and move forward.

How did you hear about Panter?

At the Polymesse Zurich, I was immediately attracted by the uncomplicated, direct manner. After I was hired, I was given great support to prepare me for productive work. After a few weeks, I was able to put my skills to the test on my first project. The fact that I still had to do my Master’s thesis at some point was not a problem: I was able to reduce my workload considerably in order to finish my degree. That’s what I call flexibility!

Can you recommend a particular book?

Stephen Hawking – The universe in a nutshell. A solid approach to describing the world we live in without formulas.