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The platform that combines sustainability and investing

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way we invest. The demand for sustainable investment solutions is increasing, but at the same time ESG reporting is often misleading. Companies such as Shell, Nestlé and BP are at the top of the list without really standing for sustainable management. This paradox underlines the need to think beyond traditional investment strategies and the need for a trusted impact investing platform.

According to Tillmann, Inyova offers precisely this innovative perspective. It enables investors to contribute directly to greater sustainability with their investment capital – through real investments that would not be made without their involvement. Two approaches are particularly noteworthy: the financing of sustainability projects or active participation in existing companies to encourage them to invest more in climate compatibility.

The development journey of Inyova and Panter

Beat continued the and began his presentation with the start of our Inyova journey in 2017. This was characterized by the pre-incubation phase, in which we used the lean stack approach to set the fundamental course for the future of the platform. The seed phase, in which we acted as CTO as a service, began in 2018. Our areas of responsibility included:

  • Development of a scalable and robust software architecture.
  • Development and publication of the first version of the app.
  • Building a strong team that is essential for the future development and scaling of Inyova.

The next phase began in 2021 and focused on the further development of the platform and processes, the expansion of the Inyova team and the gradual exit of the Panter team. These strategic steps were decisive in strengthening Inyova on its growth path.

Finally, in 2023, we established a flexible on-demand collaboration that allows Inyova to effectively distribute workload peaks and focus on core projects while supporting integration and customer projects with our experts.