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Swiss Post as an IT employer

At the beginning of the talk, the speakers drew attention to an interesting fact that many people may not be aware of: Swiss Post is one of the three largest IT employers in Switzerland and develops numerous digital solutions. It is active in many areas, including blockchain, e-voting and cryptography, to name but a few.

Traditional employer branding approaches

In order to increase its attractiveness as an employer for IT specialists, Swiss Post has pursued various classic employer branding approaches in the past. This includes branding campaigns, trade fair stands, sponsoring, etc.

Challenges and necessary adjustments

Anila and Norina’s team realized that despite high expenditure and investment, these traditional approaches had little effect or resonance. It was therefore necessary to adapt the strategy. Since last year, new approaches have therefore been pursued to strengthen internal cooperation between IT, HR and communications on the one hand and to reach new target groups on the other. The new approaches include, for example:

  • Partnership with the Hero Fest
  • Participation in key events
  • Development of a specific employer branding for IT

An internal working group has been set up to support these efforts.

Innovative recruitment strategies

In order to continuously attract applicants, Swiss Post relies on year-round application opportunities through Ever Green advertisements. It also promotes a strong sense of ambassadorship. According to Anila and Norina, these initiatives are particularly noteworthy:

  • Bring a friend: Employees bring friends and colleagues from their private environment to work with them in a co-working setup.
  • Job Voice: Employees are trained and empowered to report on their private social media channels about their day-to-day work at Swiss Post.

Swiss Post also actively supports its employees in various communities and networks. These initiatives are still in the test phase. Initial experience is gained.

Long-term goals and outlook

In conclusion, Anila and Norina emphasized that the long-term improvement of the employee experience is at the heart of Swiss Post’s efforts. Through continuous adjustments and innovative approaches, Swiss Post aims to position itself as an attractive employer for IT specialists in the long term and thus attract the best talent.

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