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How we created a web stack bottom-up using just open source

Marco Wettstein, Senior Software Engineer @ Panter AG
Claudio Romano, Senior Software Engineer @ Panter AG

Finding ways of combining these web stacks is not hard, quite the opposite: There are so many libraries and options to choose from – it’s actually harder to settle on the best possible solution. JS Fatigue is still a thing in 2020. For Marco, Claudio, and their teammates at panter, it’s even a bigger challenge: They all work on many projects while trying to stay flexible team members. It’s therefore crucial to them that they find their way in every project fast, so they have to set certain standards.


On the other hand, IT and in particular web development is never “done”. You have to be ready for new technologies and improvements so that you can adapt to them if you need to. On this never-ending journey to find the “perfect stack” Marco and Claudio came up with something that solves most of their pain-points and gives them the power and flexibility to what they need. At their pantalk, they’ll share what they came up with. Spoiler alert: it involves react, next.js, graphql-nexus and prisma.

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