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Impact Hub Zurich

As the former operator of Colab Zurich, Panter joined forces in 2015 with the creators of the Zurich Impact Hub and opened a new location at Sihlquai.

Panter is still an independent company, but is now also part of Impact Hub Zurich - an entrepreneurial community with over 500 innovators, startups and large companies in a global network of more than 60 other Impact Hubs and over 10,000 members worldwide.

Panter is actively involved in the future development of the community, promoting and initiating programs from which Panter customers can also benefit.

The Colab space at Sihlquai, with its countless meeting and workshop rooms, network and the public Cafè Auer & Co. serves Panter not only as an office space, but also provides Panter’s customers with a place for meetings, inspiration and collaborations.

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Impact Hub Factory

The Impact Hub Factory sets in where the demand is greatest: clarifying customer requirements, user testing, developing business models, products and services, and implementing prototypes.

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