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17:00 – 18:00
Café Auer & Co. IT eats Employer Branding for breakfast

Employer branding by the book was yesterday: In the highly competitive IT sector, it is no longer enough to rely on traditional approaches to employer branding. The days when standardized recipes worked to attract talented specialists are over. In this, Anila Ljena (HR IT, Swiss Post) and Norina Brun (Communications IT, Swiss Post) talk about new ideas and unconventional approaches that also work in a large corporation.

After the lecture, there will be an opportunity to meet like-minded people and network and exchange ideas over an aperitif.

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17:00 – 18:00
Café Auer & Co. Not afraid of responsibility? Working in self-organized teams

In self-organized teams, the members coordinate their tasks independently. Through this autonomy, the organizations promote innovation and improve collaboration. In this, our two experts Timo Bezjak (Sfera AG) and Rebekka Fricke (Digitec Galaxus AG) will provide insights into this topic from a theoretical and practical perspective.

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